Saturday, November 26, 2011

To do list is done

Now I can give thanks, my clean up is done and the turkey is in three gallon ziploc bags---one bag of turkey breast and stuffing in the freezer as a meal ready for another day, one of dark meat in the freezer for turkey and noodles, and one of meat for sandwiches in the fridge for this week,the mashed potatoes and corn are in baggies to make a Shepherd's pie to freeze for another night, one bag of gravy in the freezer for supper another day, turkey carcass is in the pot boiling with pepper, salt,celery,onions, and carrots for stock to make turkey and noodles. (I cut the celery,carrots, and onions when I did the relish tray veggies and bagged them in the fridge --left over relish tray fixings works great for this too.) I wish I had a pressure canner small enough to fit under the hood of my stove. I would can my broth stock for easy storage and use. Our freezer is full of venison and I even sent some home with my daughter Jessica when she was here. We always had home canned venison stew when I was growing up. It tastes great over noodles.

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