Monday, May 31, 2010

Primative Rustic Camping

We had a great weekend camping with the four little-ones and our friends with their two little-ones. Four wheeling, swimming, nature walks, campfires and sandbox the size of about a half-acre. Tents and no electronics! No electricity or running water for that matter. What a good experience we plan on many such trips over this summer since our funds a very limited. It doesn't have to cost money to be fun and educational.
Here is Pitty-pat sitting of the bank of the gravel pits with a bunch of dollar store sand toys, Em is in the water wings, Aaron and his friend Gary are in the tubes in the far back of the photo with Cam and Erica on the inflatable lounges. Missing from this pic is the little-man and his buddy the little-guy and Tippy-toe.The gravel pits don't cost money to get into and have picnic tables.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fish Unit Study

We bought the kids each a beta fish to learn to take care of pets and as part of our fish unit study. Aaron has taken all three Cam,Tippy-toe and Pitty-pat ice fishing this winter so this is a continuation to our fish science unit study. Cam found a catfish in the minnow bucket and tried to keep it in my old tropical fish aquarium but it didn't live long after going ice fishing and getting so cold and no oxygen in the minnow bucket.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Little-man was so proud of how high he could stack his block tower by himself. he had to call dad over to show him. This one is going to be an engineer or a builder when he grows up.                                           

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cam's butterfly

We found this beautiful injured butterfly while camping.

First camping adventures

We went camping with my sister. The kids had so much fun! it is so beautiful for this time of year. Aimee came with us too.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

michigan map

Today I am cutting out a map of michigan and will be glueing it on posterboard then adding pictures for each place we go see this summer. Of course a few places we've already been will be added now.

Yesterday we picked flowers and pressed them in a phonebook for a later project. I think we will put them betweeen glass to make coasters for homemade christmas presents later this year. My friend Gayla at work makes beautiful coasters and I plan to copy her idea. I bought two for patterns friday. If I start now we may have them done in time for christmas. Good thing nobody reads this anyway.

My raised bed garden will never be ready in time. I still need a load of black dirt. I have been composting and puttting all my old leaves in the bottom but still need to go get soil. so far noneof our growing projects have worked out the pineapple got roots then died and the avacado never sprouted. I hope this works--for a few tomato plants, carrots,beans and peas. Everuyyone should know where food comes from and how much work it is to grow food.