Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ireland Lapbooks

For March we are doing Ireland lapbooks. The kids are excited to get started. We took a week off because of Trent's graduation and Aaron and I visiting Columbia,SC. While on vacation I found some Irish money to use with our unit study. I also found a board book copy of Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel and started reading it to the boys at bedtime last night. I remember reading it to myself when I was Tippy-toes age or a little younger.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ireland Lapbook

I am working on an Ireland Lapbook for St.Patrick's Day. I printed out some celtic crosses to color. I have to say my 12 year old is already working on coloring hers. I have printed out a flag and map for the cover of our books. I found a sheet with several symbols of  St. Patrick's Day. I found this counting clovers sheet as well. I found and printed St. Patrick's prayer to make into a bookmark. I also printed out several Irish Blessings the is to have each child pick one to put in their books. Maybe we will each try writing one of our own.

Transportation Lapbook

I started putting together a Transportation Lapbook to help the kids understand our trip by airplane soon. Now I see on my dashboard alot of us are doing the same thing this week. Here are some photos of the kids lapbooks. Even little-man colored an airplane for his half size one. Most of our worksheets and games came from Jolanthe at I found a great tranportation pack to use. I got the Go Car Go! Minit book from DLTK.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I wake in the morning early
And always, the very first thing,
I poke out my head and I sit up in bed
And I sing and I sing and I sing.
--Rose Fyleman from Poems and Prayers for the Very Young

Every morning Tippy-toe  wakes up singing very loudly at the top of his lungs. I think of him when I hear this poem. I read it to the kids this morning and they laughed and said "That's Tippy-toe".

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quote for the day

Cooking and cleaning can wait till tomorrow,

For babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow.

So settle down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,

I'm nursing my baby and babies don't keep.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Presidents Day

Cherry Pie-place the cherries on the pie using red pom poms for the cherries
 The Bells are a great hit for music this week. We had several bells from a collection of my daughter's and thought Little-man would really like to play these.
 We are lap booking about Abe Lincoln. I got the most of the sheets from Homeschoolshare. But  we also did a search for more coloring sheets and an easy reader book.

I got this Penny bingo marker sheet from Jolanthe appropriate since Lincoln is on the penny. I am using it for a math game using pennies for markers and  roll dice first one to to cover the card wins.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tatertot casserole

Tater tot Casserole

line bottom of pan with tatertots
add 1-2 pounds cooked hamburger meat
cover with 2 cans cream of chicken soup(don't add any water)
spice up with parsley, and garlic powder
cover with sharp cheddar cheese
sprinkle with bread crumbs
bake at 350 until cheese browns

February -Valentines Day Theme

Reading Basket- ABC I Love you!, Aurthur's Valentine by Marc Brown, and Henry's Secret Valentine by Jeffery Dinardo
Art box-scissors, glue sticks,red markers,pencils, heart shaped cookie cutters, red scrap book papers
Music Basket-Brass Bells of different sizes
Play Dough Center-Chocolate play dough and heart shaped candy box (Thank you Counting Coconuts for the idea)
Cam is also making felt heart pins to sell for our Houses for Haiti project.