Thursday, February 23, 2012

sorry for the absence

I have started a new job and after orientation I will be back to blogging thank you for your prayers and your patience!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

For Aimee

At Home With Montessori has a wonderful “5 things” series which describes 5 things you can do, create or provide for your baby’s first year of life.  Whether you have babies, hope to have babies or have already watched your babies grow…soak it up, book mark it or joyfully reflect on this time you had with your little Angels.
Here’s my top five for the first month, dedicated to guiding the first time mom.
  1. When you lay your baby to sleep, don’t worry about waking them as you lay them in their bed.  If their eyes flutter (or jolt) open, don’t immediately pick them back up.  If they make groaning or whining noises in their sleep, don’t immediately think they need to be picked up.  You’d be surprised how noisy a sleeping infant can be and how often they can self-soothe themselves back to sleep.  This will help them be better sleepers and therefore, you will be too.
  2. Don’t worry about the housework.  Don’t feel burdened when they only nap 20 minutes and awake half way through your load of laundry.  Let everything fall apart in the house if it means you get to snuggle your tiny infant more often.  The housework will always be there, but your infant will grow quickly.
  3. Lay in bed next to them and study their face, really study them.  Admire every wrinkle, every speck of dry skin, smell their baby sent, let them wrap their little fingers around your finger and write it all down.  Surprisingly, you will forget the tiny details of their beginnings if you don’t actively partake in this precious period and record it.
  4. Give nursing a good, honest try.  I understand it’s not for everyone and honestly, the first few months are hard for almost every first time, breast-feeding mom.  Wait it out and give it time, because I bet you will be glad you did.  It’s the most wonderful bonding time that will only be between you and your child.  It’s irreplaceable.
  5. Take naps during the day.  You’ve heard the saying, “Sleep when your baby sleeps.”  It’s true.  You will be a better mom when you are well rested.  Get as much as you can.  Even if there are things to do around the house.  Once again, the housework will always be there and you will enjoy this first month MUCH MORE if you are well rested.