Sunday, November 20, 2011

native american studies

I found the pattern to make these medicine bags. I think it will fit with our Native American emphasis this year. I found it here. I think it will be great for our nature walks to keep things we find in. I also grow sage which I will dry and put in each of the bags for the kids. Native Americans used sage for many things and it might have been found in a medicine bag. Last year we studied Pilgrims and found out one of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower. This year we are taking a closer look at our Native American Heritage. One of my ancestors is Phillip Ream founder of Reamstown, PA and I believe there might be a link to our Indian heritage there. A mention is made that they lived with the Indians on the land that he bought. My mom looked Native American and was always asked what tribe she was from not to mention that from the day she was born she was nicknamed the papoose. We suspect but have no way to prove it.It's just fun exploring family history. Three of my children may have a little Cherokee in them as well. So it is fun to study our history.

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