Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How do I "do" geography?

We have found a great way to "do" our geography. It is kind of a variation of Flat Stanley Project with my own twist. I joined one of those postcard club sites but it just flooded my in box with email. So now when ever a coworker or family member is going on vacation I beg ask them to sent the kids a postcard addressed from Flat Stanley. We have received post cards for many US States, Rome, Paris, and various Caribbean Islands. Flat Stanley really is quite the world traveler and the kids love getting the mail. We look on the map to see where Flat Stanley is now. We post the card on the bulletin board. We look up the state or country and study a little about it. It takes us many places and costs us very little. After we are done with each card we place it in order in a small photo album that cost me just a dollar at Walmart. Then we can pull cards out later if we are studying the same place again. I also bought a box of old postcards at an auction sale and have included these in the book as we study those states with Flat Stanley. The kids love looking at the cards and getting mail. Best of all no flood of emails! No strangers with my mailing address! And if we get the same place twice no worries we just get a new card and call it review time. This has really been fun for everyone envolved. My coworkers love being part of the kids education and enjoy hearing my Flat Stanley stories about how amazed the kids are the Flat Stanley took another trip.

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