Friday, November 4, 2011

thrift store trip

I spent $21.00 at Goodwill but found some real treasures new maternity jeans, maternity shorts and 2 maternity tops for Aimee all brand new, Now to send out a box. A wooden sheep wrapped in fuzzy wool for  25 cents. Several books, including a hardcover Aesops Fables Illustrated by Brad Sneed, A Child's Goodnight Prayer by Grace Maccarone, Great Grandfather's House by Rumer Godden in hardcover, Stone Soup by Ann McGovern (I think we already have a copy of this but it will make a great book to drop.) Animals,Animals by Eric Carle. I have really learned to like this artist/aurthor and can't resist buying copies of his books. These books will fit what we are doing and no library fines! The little sheep has made it to our nature table along with the new books into the book basket.

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