Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November's goals

Since I am planning a trip to Chicago for the kids in spring I want to  shift our focus to things we will be seeing in the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium in order to maximize our learning experience. While on a weekend there Aaron and I went to the museum for some recon.
  • They have a wonderful rock and mineral collection on display that fits with our collecting and studying we have already been doing this summer. Earth Science is one of my favorite topics. 
  • We were amazed by the Ancient Egyptian artifacts but since this year we are studying Native American cultures I will stick to that area as they also have a wonderful Native American exhibits too. History is right on track.
  • We will log our trip on a map as this will meet the math requirements for our trip. How many miles, grid map reading, coordinates, reading  graphs, how much money do we spend, ect. that is how our math is taken care of too. 
  • The English is harder but sign reading, and books about places we will see and travel brochures will help with our English component. Field trips are educational in so many ways! 
  • We will also be studying the ocean habitat and fish in our science so they will recognize some of the fish they will be seeing at the aquarium. 
Now off to the internet to find tried and true ways other people have home schooled on these topics. Having goals and an outline is the first step to a successful learning vacation!

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