Saturday, November 5, 2011

Started "rowing" Boxes for Katje today

We started rowing "Boxes for Katje" today even though I haven't got the book yet (It's on order). We read the intro on line then found a video of teens interpretive reading/acting out the book that we watched. Pitty-pat the anti-reader was fascinated. Then I watch a Samaritans purse video with them on how to pack our shoe boxes. While I was out today I bought plastic shoe boxes and some more things to fill them it cost me $20.00 but I got enough for 2 boxes. If all goes well we will fill 2 boxes. One for a boy age 7 and one for a girl age 9. Today for our boxes I bought toothpaste, hairbrush and comb set, washcloths, peppermint candy, Ziploc bags, 2 plastic shoe boxes, pencil sharpeners,erasers,matchbox cars, rubber balls, spinner tops. I also got scarfs for the girls in our other giving project. I did good for $20. I will look tomorrow at the dollar store in Midland while I am on call for a few more small toys. The boxes need to be done November 14th since that is my day off to drop them off.

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