Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Samaritans Purse shoe boxes

In order to teach the kids gratitude I think we will do shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse this week.We started to make shoe boxes last year and missed the drop off deadline ( I had to work) so this year when I saw an announcement about the program I went around the house and found these things to try to do at least one box right away. We had just went to a hotel so small soaps made the box, 2 pairs of brand new boys white socks, a new toothbrush, small packages of hard candy [from our Halloween stash],a boy's t-shirt( new) from our school shopping trip, four brand new number 2 pencils. Ok that's a start. This year there is a local drop off in my hometown. Having a drop off close will be a blessing, as it was too hard to get to a drop off last year. I would like to do 3 boxes this year one for Sawyer/Cam to share, one for a boy Tippy-toe's age and one for a girl Pitty-pat's same age. The one for a boy Tippy-toe's age is well on it's way. The cost to send on box is $7.00 maybe the kids could help earn some of the money by helping me return our pop bottles to send and track them. I want to know which country our box goes to as part of our geography study. They should be grateful for what blessings we have there are so many kids in the world that don't have a Christmas because of poverty.

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