Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas count down

I know its barely almost Thanksgiving and already I am thinking about Christmas right? Well not really because I am cleaning for Thanksgiving this weekend. I had to move a bookshelf in my living room to rearrange the furniture for company on Thursday. Jessica my oldest is bringing a BOY home from graduate school! I want a clean living room. Notice there is no hope for  an entire clean house. We have had sore throats ans ear aches, myself included, all weekend. I have dreams of getting the furniture moved but Aaron won't help me and it is too awkward to move alone. I will not let cleaning stress me out. OK maybe I am a little crazy stressed. Everything I have organized Aaron has come along and moved back or taken the table I was putting stuff on until I could find it a home!!! So I am a little irritated right now. It is Monday and I feel sabotaged right now. I  have to work Tuesday and Wednesday. I AM STRESSED! Anyway while moving the book case out of the living room into the kids playroom-homeschool room I pulled out all the Christmas books. Every year for about seventeen years now I have made a basket of Christmas books to read a different one each day in December to the kids since Taylor was a baby. I see posts where people wrap them like presents but there is no need to waste paper wrapping them. We just love reading them and rarely can we stick to just one! Back to stressing out cleaning today. No fun computer time for mamma today.

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