Sunday, November 13, 2011

Artist Study-Henri Matisse

With our "rowing" of Boxes for Katje we are studying artist Henri Matisse. We looked at several of his collages and compared them to the illustrations in our book.  Then we used my scrapbooking paper stash to make some collages. I also found this coloring page here.

How do we study art? Well it may sound crazy but I bought a calender of art and scanned it into my computer. I downloaded the pictures to a digital photo album that I hung in the playroom. I call this "subliminal art learning". I have been dying to try this since we bought a digital photo frame for Grandma last Christmas. I knew it would be a great way to introduce some art images to the kids with little effort on both our parts. I change the photos in it monthly. Think of it like a slow flashing bulletin board. The bonus is it takes up less room than a wall of art all hung in individual frames. We focus on just one artist at a time. Please realized that I have my copy right on this original idea and if I see it on a page without a link back to me I will enforce copyright infringement! [You know who you are--- cause you stole from me once already----- "mama" (name changed to protect the guilty) Don't think you can dare steal another idea from me just because your blog is bigger! Take notice my oldest is in law school now!] That is why I try to link everything I use that I find on somewhere else back to the original place I saw it. Anyone else also hesitate to share great ideas because you saw your idea posted on a bigger blog the same week as your post with no link back and a claim that it was their idea? Sorry for the soap box, getting off the box and back on topic again. No pun intended since this is boxes of soap for Katje not soap boxes for Mitten Mom.

A Short Biography
Henri Matisse was born in France in 1869. He first studied Law. At age 20 he underwent surgery on his appendix. During his recovery his mother gave him a paint box. Matisse discovered a love of painting and became an artist. He is know for his use of bright colors. After he became wheelchair bound in his old age, he did collages with paint backgrounds and cut paper.  This is called drawing with scissors. Source-More about Matisse

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