Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's on our shelves?

I put together these activities  for  little-man  age 2 years:
1.It is a Gerber snack can with 6 holes punched in the top with my paper punch. These are just the right size for some wooden pickup sticks from the Dollar Daze store to fit through. He loves it! He can even take the lid off and get them back out himself already. I have seen several variations of this same activity on every Montessori blog I have read. It just took me this long to get around to making one myself but it only took 2 minuets to assemble it. Probably kind of young for him considering how easy it was the first time he tried it.
2. Farm Animals Book with matching  plastic animals.
3. Pompom balls and sorting cups in three matching colors.

I put together several activity bags to keep the bigger ones entertained this week.

For my 8 year old girl--Pitty-pat
1. Fusion beads
2. Embroidery hoop with buttons needle and thread
3. crochet hook and small length of yarn
4. Beads and pipe cleaners for stringing
5. numbered index cards and small stickers for counting 11-15
6. Peg and scraps of fabric to make peg doll

For my 6 year old boy--Tippy-toe
1. Fusion beads
2. Peg and scraps of fabric for  making a peg superhero doll
3. lego batman and joker toy with batmobile car
4. small lego blocks
5. numbered index cards and stickers for counting
6. funny dice and counting chips
( Tippy-toe doesn't have the fine motor coordination to sew or crochet yet.)

I like to keep each activity in pencil bags I found on clearance after school started this year for $0.25 each. They are clear so they can see which activity to pick and each goes back before they can have another one. It keeps all the little parts away from little-man.

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