Monday, November 15, 2010

Making Pies Theme

 I have a small pumpkin that is begging me to bake it for a pie. So today is a Making Pies theme. My mom has been gone 1 1/2 years now but I have fond memories of making pumpkin pies from scratch with our own pumpkins right out of the garden at age 5 years old. The picture below is my mothers tattered copy of the Betty Crocker Cook Book and her favorite mixing bowl. The many riped and torn pieces of paper stuffed in are her collected recipes from friends.
Making pie crust to cool so we can roll it out later.
Pitty-pat washing our pumpkin
If doing this yourself look for the really dark orange small pumpkins. Those are the pie pumpkins.

Baking our pumpkin in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour until golden and soft.

Letting it stand until it was cool enough to touch was the hardest part.

Soft and mushy in the inside. Pitty pat refused to touch the insides to scoop them out and throw them away.

The meaty insides was then scooped and peeled away from the skin and frozen to use in pies next week.

Activities I found to do while the pumpkin baked
  1. P is for pumpkin bingo marker art-haven't tried this with little-man yet but he loves to paint. These are from here at Homeschool Creations. ( I cut the P is for Penny half of the page off and I am saving it for Presidents Day.)
  2. Cherry Pie Play dough mat from Pre-Kinders.We are using this for a counting activity with red pom-poms.(This activity could also be brought back again for President's Day.)
  3. Paper plate pumpkin pie -I saw this great stArt activity at almost unschoolers. stART is story+art from A Mommy's Adventures I can't wait to see more of these ideas. I just happen to have all the basic supplies for this easy peasy art idea.
  4. Pie fractions felt activity-- I made this a long time ago. It is just different colored circles cut into fractions 1/2,1/3,1/4,and 1/8ths. I have to slip a little math in today. How big a piece of pie do you want?
  5. Pie crust instead of play dough to make into little tarts and bake for dessert today.Mom always had extra for this so I wouldn't get into her pies.

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