Saturday, November 6, 2010

My answered prayer still

When I got the kids (Pitty-pat and Tippy-toe) I knew it was going to be hard for us so I prayed that if God was Calling me to do this he would provide for us and I would swallow my pride and take all the help that was provided. It has been interesting to date I have not NEEDED to buy ANY of the kids clothes. Yes we have bought a few new things but for the most part K. and A. from work have given me hand me downs for the three oldest, E. has given us a halloween costume, booster seat for the table, K. and B. have given us books, B.B. has helped with babysitting so I could work on call--many times free,many others have given us clothes for the three littlest,A. gave us christmas one year,KDand DD just gave us clothes, a phonics program and a bedspread;--Once PS gave me a bunch of shoes to big for us and the next week Camryn needed that very size shoe--God knows our needs before we do and provides! Thank you God for all you have given us. And thank You to all who have helped us in the last three years-Do you know how God is using you to help others?
Updates: 8 Nov 2010 K. gave us  2 bottles of baby wash, juice boxes, gummies left over from her friend's visit- Thank you and God Bless

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