Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our 2010 Curriculum

Inspired by a post I saw at Our Homeschool Fun's blog I finally decided to put our curriculum down in print----well mostly. I have been afraid to put anything in writing because then in black and white the critics will have something to pick at like a flock of chickens. Believe me when you home school there is always a flock of chickens critics. So let me put in a disclaimer this is by no means everything. We deschooled alot the first year. Now the kids beg me to do "school work". I found a lot of unit studies online and fit them in for history and to follow an interest one of the kids has here or there. They enjoy the lapbooks and it fullfills my need to scrapbook as well. We do alot of the same work with Pitty-pat and Tippy-toe together. I set up learning activities and go-alongs in plastic ziplocs to reinforce what we are studying. They can go grab a bag and work indepently while I cook a meal,  care for the baby,etc.
This year we  have really embraced the Montessori methods and adapted them to home. For example folding napkins becomes folding wash cloths and towels and the work gets done. Tippy-toe feels productive and learns just the same. Pitty-pat color sorts laundry and starts the washer with minimal help measuring the soap. Life skills I never taught my older children till much later. Cam is learning to cook. Something I should've done with my older kids as well. Montessori makes our lives so much easier. The chores are easier if you have always just been taught to do what needs to be done. Even little-man likes his extension of Montessori and will now sweep the floor no need for puff balls etc anymore when we have the real thing to sweep up. Many hands make light work.

Preschool-2 years old
Homeschool Creations letter worksheets
Montessori tray activities
Reading-BFIAR books, various board books
ABC's, Numbers,Colors, and Shapes

K5/1st grade
Montessori activities
Nature walks--bring home anything we find and study it
  1. giant water bug
  2. garter snake
  3. tadpoles
  4. leaves spring and fall
  5. bird feeders year round
Reading-FIAR books
Math-workbooks, printouts, activities(dominoes,dice),games
Art-Projects I find online or in books
Behavior-Good Manners, anger management
Music-MP3 player
Computer Time-Starfall
Bible-Stories and memory verse on fridge

2nd grade/3rd grade
Brownie try-its book
Montessori activities
Nature walks--Study what we find but also
  1. moon and space
  2. life cycles-make life cycle notebook
Reading-FIAR books, Little House on the Prairie
Art-projects I find online, Rotate famous painting I print out and put into 8x10 frame
Math-online math book,worksheets,manipulatives, games
Computer time-Starfall
Behavior-Good manners
Music-MP3 player
Bible-Stories and verses, Days of Creation poster

We get a lot of ideas from Homeschool Share and HSLaunch. A lot of my printouts recently are from Sparklebox.
*Again I say this is not a complete list just an outline of our plan for our year updated to reflect our areas of study.

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