Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's on our bookshelf this week?

With the addition of an entire new library I have decided to do a post on "What's on our book shelf this week" and make it a series of running posts.
Pitty-pat enjoyed The Starry Sky, The Sun And Moon by Patrick Moore. We are working on a Browny Try-it and this book fits with our phases of the moon theme. Although she couldn't read it herself, she did try then we read it together.
Tippy-toe got Petrosinella a neopolitan rapunzel by Giambattista Basile for his bedtime story last night. The illustrations by Diane Stanley are wonderful. Since Tangled, a new movie comes out in november I thought a non-disney version of the fairy tale was in order.
We are really enjoying our new library. Little-man couldn't wait to show me his board books last night when I got home from work. OOK! mama  book. (Which is little-man for Look mom a book.) Someone had given him his books to read so he would leave theirs alone.

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