Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Books, Books, Books

Today at work I found out about two local elementary schools that were closed and they were giving all the leftover books away. I brought home 7 boxes of childrens books for my homeschool library. What a blessing! There are so many I can't wait to put them on my shelves. any that didn't get taken were all going to recycling. I love books ---no,  I really love books. I am so sad that we live far from a real book store. My kids will never know the joy of going into a book store and picking out books the way I did as child. but we will have a huge home library now. I can't wait to catelog them. I am going to leave all the library bindings on them. Science books, picture books, art books,story books-Books, books, books! It is a wonderful thing!

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