Tuesday, November 16, 2010

100 things about me

I don't really talk about myself here because this blog is about homeschooling but I saw a similar post and really liked it--so here goes--hope I can think of 100 things--In no particular order:
  1. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride  followed closely by The Notebook.
  2. I am a closet Kid Rock fan-- well he is from Michigan-- I just like his range of music styles--OK?
  3. I love to cook Thanksgiving dinner especially for people who love to eat but aren't my family.
  4. The last concert I saw was James Taylor in about 1998 the first concert I saw was Bob Seger in 1987 there haven't been a dozen concerts in between.
  5. I love to read especially science fiction and nonfiction.
  6. I have had as pets in my lifetime a cow, horses, 2 llamas, sheep,bunnies, chickens,ducks, geese, guineas,dogs, cats, fish,birds, and rescued 1 baby wild rabbit, 4 baby squirrels, baby birds, and 7 baby skunks.
  7. I have never lived in the country since age 3 years old I have always lived in town.(see number 6 again yes, that's right it's not a typo.)
  8. I had been to every State in the USA except Hawaii and Alaska by the time I was 6 years old.
  9. My vice is caffeine I drink way too much Mt. Dew. 
  10. I can't stand the taste of coffee. I try to hide it with sugar. It's is my warm caffeine.
  11. I want to live in southern Tennessee when I am old.
  12. I have found over five stray dogs and returned them all to their owners. This includes 2 grey hounds on the run. For some reason stray grey hounds run right into me.
  13. My friend's dog once ran way to my house. I found her sitting on my front porch when I opened the door.
  14. I love the smell of leather.
  15. The Valentines number--I wake up every day and thank God for sending Aaron into my life and my kids lives.
  16. We lived in our pickup camper for 3 1/2 years when I was 3 years old until I was 6 years old. We didn't own a house.
  17. I have always said I knew I was going to have seven kids. After number four I had my tubes tied and then a hysterectomy. I am proof God has a sense of humor. I adopted three more. Counting all my "step" kids I am up to 14.
  18. I was raised as an only child. My next closest sister is 17 years older.
  19. Nearly Everyone who knows me well and outside of work calls me "Aunt Tammy". Even if they are otherwise related to me.
  20. I have been a "real" aunt since I was 7 months old.
  21. I love fast cars.
  22. I got an almost perfect score on my Act's. Reading and Verbal which I think verbal means I can read and I have a big mouth right?
  23. I speak and read 3 languages-English, French and a little Spanish. But the French and Spanish are rusty since college. I can find a bathroom and swear in several more.
  24. I turn into another person in the big city. I love exploring big cities alone.
  25. I hate shopping.
  26. My hardest birthday was 25 years old because as a kid 25 was my idea of old. I cried and cried. It was harder than turning 40.
  27. My favorite Era of history is pioneer times. I think I have alot of the skills to survive if I could travel back in time and live back then. I can make soap, cook on wood stove, cut wood, sew, hunt, fish, ride a horse, butcher my own game, make jerky, and can food.
  28. I let my then 12 year old daughter go in a very small cage and pet a tiger. This is after she earned the zoo owners respect for her kangaroo walking abilities. She invented the take the baby kangaroo for a walk on our sheep collar and dog leash idea by the way.Yes! This is absolutely strange but I swear it is true. The zookeeper and his wife still remembered Aimee 5 years later when we saw them again.
  29. I am a cancer survivor since Malignant Melanoma at 16 years old.
  30. The thing that grosses me out the most by dirty dish water.
  31. My favorite restaurant is Clifford Lake Inn.
  32. Two is the number of times I have been married.
  33. Two is also the number of times I have been divorced.
  34. Seven is my favorite number.
  35. Blue is my favorite color.
  36. Garnet is my birth stone.
  37. I always wear my high school class ring.
  38. I graduated in 1985.
  39. I am a tomboy who likes to hunt and fish.
  40. The biggest fish I ever caught was a 32 pound Salmon from Lake Michigan off Ludington.
  41. I don't carry a purse.
  42. I would just forget it somewhere anyway.
  43. I like to iron.
  44. I don't own anything that needs to be ironed.
  45. I have been collecting recipes since before I could could cook.
  46. I love my job.
  47. I have an Associates Degree in Nursing.
  48. I have enough credits for a Bachelors Degree in Community Development
  49. I don't know what to do with a degree in community development.
  50. I have 27 college credits in psychology.
  51. I have taken college classes in education.
  52. I have enough college credits to legally substitute teach in Michigan.
  53. I am a thrift shopper- coupons, sales,consignment,goodwill,salvation army,and garage sales.
  54. I like to camp.
  55. I took singer/song writer Rich Mullens breakfast in bed at summer camp.(awesome god, a few good men) The girls served the guys dorm and nobody else would take Rich his cause he wasn't exactly a morning person.
  56. I have traveled to out of the country to Canada, France, Belgium, and Bermuda.
  57. I was once offered a job as a flower arranger at a wedding chapel.
  58. Aaron is my best friend.
  59. I collect green depression glass.
  60. I don't like the color green.
  61. The bread machine is my favorite kitchen tool followed by the crock pot even better is to have them both going at the same time.
  62. I mostly listen to country music but I have favorites from all kinds of music.
  63. I am  terrible speller.
  64. I once had a job as a travel agent.
  65. I have coached a high school equestrian team. We went to the state finals!
  66. My favorite hymmn is Onward Christian Soldiers.
  67. I was baptised when I was five years old by Rev. Robert Johnson in Tampa Florida. He quized me for an hour after making me wait 3 months before he would agree to baptise me. I was so short that I had to stand on 2 cement blocks to keep from drowning in the baptismal.
  68. I love sunsets. I would love sunrises except they happen early in the morning.
  69. Sleeping in for me is getting up at 6 am instead of 4:30 am for work.
  70. I  hate holidays except Thanksgiving.
  71. My favorite part of the turkey is the giblets and the skin.
  72. I was never suppost to survive to be born according to my mom's doctor. The doctor who said it rocked me for the first time in the hospital nursery.
  73. Everyone in my family dies of heart disease but my bad cholesterol is low and my good cholesterol is high.
  74. I was kissed once by a Vice President of the Unites States of America. I was a cute little baby. We were staying in the same hotel and the secret service told my parents to stand there if they wanted to see him when he came by. I can't prove this one I was too little to remember it myself even.
  75. I can remember things that happened to me before I was two years old. My earliest memory is getting lost on the path in our woods being left behind by my dad and sister because I stopped to pick black eyed susans.
  76. Black eye susans are still my favorite flower.
  77. I once had a job as a bank teller.
  78. I have eaten almost every kind of wild game-alligator,snake,turtle,venison,coon,possum,bear,too many to count.
  79. I love Indian food-tandoori, curry, lassi's and naan bread yummm!
  80. My favorite issue of Mother Earth News is number 5.
  81. I listen to public radio when I am alone in the car.
  82. I don't drink cow's milk but I like goat's milk when I can get it.
  83. I hate my long thick fine hair that tangles into knots when I sleep.
  84. I love it when my six year old cries for mama when he gets hurt--cause it won't be much longer and he'll be all grown up and won't want his mama.
  85. I love it when my 16 year old son wants his mama to help him when he gets a deer because he's too grown up for number 84 anymore.
  86. I have made 27 scrapbook photo albums.
  87. I still have pictures I haven't got into albums.
  88. I collect rocks from places where I travel or special events I attend.
  89. I have a rock in my car right now from the first day of Tippy-toe going hunting with Daddy.
  90. I am ambidexerious I can write with either hand. I used to play school as the teacher with my left hand and student with the right hand.
  91. I learned to read when I was four years old.
  92. I have no desire to make anyones meal look like turkeys, trees, or easter bunnies!
  93. My favorite way to unwind is a long bubble bath with a good book untill the water gets cold.
  94. I am not a good housekeeper remember Matha Stewart has a staff of 100's making her look good.
  95. My favorite ice cream  flavor is blue moon.
  96. I love to travel.
  97. I love to explore caves especially in Bermuda because they don't have bats there.
  98. I was a Sunday School teacher for  twelve years.
  99. God called me to be a missionary in High School, he didn't send me to a foreign country.
  100. I am a child of the King.

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  1. When people ask me what is the most random thing I have done, I usually open with walking a kangaroo and then follow up with petting the tiger. You do really have a thing for collecting rocks, I used to find it strange but now I'm used to it. Why do you collect green depression glass if you don't like the color green?