Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun with Sight Words

I saw this neat post and followed the link back to The Everyday Homeschool blog where I saw this neat game for sight words. It is a fun way to learn to spell and recognize sight words.
 I have also made 3 ring books for each level of sight words. I bought the 3 ring scrapbooks at the Dollar Tree and put one sight word in black ink on each page. This limits the distractions for my kids. There are no bright colors, pictures or doodads on the page so they can focus on what each word is and the spelling. Pitty-pat can recognize all of them this way but stumbles over them when reading in a book with other print like her Little House book.
Tippy-toe also is working with the phonics object box I made. He loves to get a drawer out and work with it. This is a very montessori thing.  Montesssori works well for kids with RAD.

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  1. Great link going to look it up I love site words.

    Thanks for joining postcard kids look forwarding to seeing postcards the kids get.