Monday, March 21, 2011

Montessori and more Activity Bags

I have a trip out of state coming up. So I have put together about 30 new  activity bags for my 3 Little's--- ages 2, 7, 8 years old. I am going list them here in no particular order, rhythm or reason. Some have the links and some do not, it was hit or miss if I got interrupted while searching for ideas. Most are not my original idea. I will link and give credit as I clean up my lists. I will add photos as I get time but this is as always a record for myself of what we are doing.
  1. alphabet flash cards-black and white print outs of each letter.
  2. pony beads and pipe cleaners
  3. small magnet set (purchased from the dollar store), paperclip, magnet and non-magnet cards
  4. Bird Bag- bird three part cards, bird chart with parts to label
  5. magnetic numbers 1-5, black and white number cards
  6. poem book-I bought a small photo album book and printed some of our favorite poems to fit in the pockets.*my original idea*
  7. Baby Faces Book-I bought a small photo album book and put cut outs of different faces
  8. Favorite things book-i first made one of these for my now 22 year old daughter when she was 2 years old. Again a small photo album and pictures of words she knows like duck, puppy and people she recognises like daddy, mommy, sissy etc.
  9. Button Match- I printed a sheet from here and put in the colored buttons sort and match
  10. Upper and Lower case letter match-I found a tear pack of scrapbook letters from the dollar store of paper letters made by K&Company(*my original idea*)
  11. Shape Cards and shape dice-the die came from a magic set we bought Tippy-toe for Christmas
  12. hot or cold sheets-printed out hot or cold sheet and cut out pictures to sort hot  and cold things
  13. Tongs, pom ball and square cup with lid
  14. Cars theme sequence strips
  15. Farm theme sequence strips
  16. Air, land , Water-sorting cards, 3 part cards
  17. Red blue number rods and cards-printed from
  18. Fruit or vegetable-3 part cards and picture cut from magazines
  19. shape recognition-cards and matcing shape cut outs
  20. Giraffe 6 piece puzzle
  21. spelling card match game- from the dollar store be continued

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