Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He can read!

Tippy-toe is reading sight words! I printed out a couple of see,say,write and read worksheets from tls books. He is so proud of himself recognizing the words-bunny, hat, see, in, the, I. We put them in a index card spiral so he can practice them. He just beamed from ear to ear! I am going to find more of these style sheets for him to work on. Everything just clicked for him today. He has been wanting to read for awhile now. I haven't pushed him (because of the biological family history of dyslexia). I wanted him to be mature enough to not get frustrated if it wasn't easy. Today it came easy! I am so proud of him. Then he knew a word Pitty-pat didn't recognize--Bunny. Boy did his buttons pop. He felt so proud of himself. I was so happy for him. This reading stuff has been the hardest subject for me to teach. As I said before I was four years old when I started to read so I don't remember HOW I learned to read. It has made teaching reading difficult for me to do. By the time  I was four I could read the newspaper without help. I have always loved to read. I read to my kids everyday if I can. I read the books my older kids bring home so we have something in common to talk about together. So reading is very important in my home. Little man has his own library of board books. He loves his books. I am so happy about today.

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