Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Lapbook

In the light of the disaster in Japan we are doing a lapbook so the kids can better understand where Japan is and who the people are that are suffering there. It makes it more real and personal. I want the kids to feel real empathy for these people.
  1. We have started with some a lapbook from lapbook lessons and more lapbook elements from homeschool share.
  2. I printed a flag and map to color. from here
  3. Activity Village has koi kites. 
  4. I printed paper dolls from making friends.These are in traditional dress. as well as these awsome coloring page of traditional dress found here.
  5. We found the characters for numbers1 through 10. I wanted to make flash cards but pitty-pat used them to do copy work of the symbols. We discussed calligraphy.
  6. I read them fun facts from Scholastic about Japan. I enjoyed the section on manners and how important they are in Japan.
  7. I printed out some origami patterns to try out.Some are from here at enchanted learning and here at ActivityVillage
  8. We watched a video message from a high school friend who teaches in Japan that was made to let everyone know he is ok.
  9. Japanese theme lunch- Ramen noodles and frozen mixed vegetables. Easy peasy! I did find a recipe at family fun for candy sushi I plan to try this weekend as well as buying real sushi at a local grocery store made fresh on the weekend. I happen to love sushi but I am not taking them an hour away to the nearest sushi restaurant.
  10. Zen sand garden- We already have a meditation sand garden we bought at the local dollar store and embellished with more polished rocks. This can be kind of messy.
"I've seen the village and I do NOT want it raising MY children"--unknown  thanks for the quote Aimee

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