Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What we did all day

  • I found some wooden letters so we (Cam and I) painted a Montessori movable alphabet. Tippy-toe started using them before we even could get them painted.
  • I also started a new sensory bin-Birds, Birds, Birds  Inside is two nests, two different birds, four small eggs,the wooden letters B,I,R, and D, Corn, and other seeds birds eat, large wooden egg, feathers,and a Bird three part card that matches one of the plastic birds. (It is not finished yet so no pictures until it is done.) I can't decide if I want bird seed as the base or something else.
  • Ostrich egg and two books on birds Eye Witness books Bird and Bird ,Egg ,Feather ,Nest by Maryjo Koch both books we got at the school closing give away. The kids were amazed at my large real egg and we compared it to a chicken egg for size. I loved getting Pitty-pat to read without her realizing it.
  • Cards for  -at  words. 
  • Number matching cards which Tippy-toe zoomed through (faster than it took me to make them). but the numbers can be used for other math sets too.
  • A foam tan gram set to give as a gift (since we have one each already) and the bunny cards to use with it.
Over all it was a very productive day both for me and the kids. Some days it is hard to keep ahead of them in work. Thank goodness for workbook sheets.

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