Thursday, April 14, 2011

What did we do all day?

Today we started with a hundreds board for number review. That turned into a sorting game since I got out the bin of place markers most of which the kids hadn't seen. Little man started a color sort with the egg tray I keep in the bin all by himself. I was surprised and then pleased at how many he put on the right color no prompting from the peanut gallery either. Pitty-pat and Tippy-toe then abandoned the hundreds chart for the sorting game so I gave them each a Candyland card and told them to find only the color on their card.

Then I took Pitty-pat aside and gave her number cards I found on Mathwire that are like the hundred board-but I only gave her the 5's and asked her to count by fives to 100. I am surprised at the tears but then she caught on and now can count in her head to 100 by 5's.

Then all three little one made crosses from tissue paper and contact paper. I showed them how pretty they were when held up to the light. Little man held on to his all day long. He like placing the tissues on the "sticky".

I also got out the Resurrection basket and talked about each item and how we would be learning about the real meaning of Easter the next two weeks. Pitty-pat was amazed to learn Jesus was "real". Of course then she demanded to see where Israel was on the map and astounded to see me point to it. I could see the wheels turn as she realized it was "REALLY REAL". I think today was a success.I was going to study Scotland next but I think we should study Israel for our next country instead. I don't want to do too much right now at the holidays but I might be able to find the flag and a map for our continent box at least.

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