Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trip to the used book store

I had to work 3p-11p on call to day so I went to the used bookstore. I found 4 great used books. I spy little letters by Jean Marzollo, ($2.95) a board book for little-man, President George Washington by David A. Adler ($2.95), The Night Before Christmas, illustrated by Jan Brett for ($2.95), and Hiawatha, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and illustrated by Susan Jeffers for ($1.95). I love books. I do not own a nook. I really haven't even used my laptop to read a book I could find in print. Little-man loves board books. We just this week converted the closet in the boy's room into a reading nook. It has pillows and what else of course...lots of board books. My favorite way to find books is at garage sales($0.10-$1.00) but the used book store is a close second. This is because both the book store in my town and the next town have went out of business. The town I work in has a Barnes and Noble which I love but I can buy more books if I buy them used. I am already looking for copies of certain board books for my grandson arriving soon in Feb. since I can never seem to part with a book. It was odd that I have sent several to Aimee. Jessica came and took "hers" and that was hard for me. I do not like to part with my books. Some day I want to donate them in mass to create a library in Salt River at the WMFC (after I am dead of course). Since there isn't a good library there and the kids need books to keep them out of trouble. In the mean time these are great additions to my personal library. In November we will be studying American Indians this year so the poem Hiawatha is perfect for that study. I love Christmas and anything Jan Brett is a work of art. George Washington is a great history book for next Feb. since we did Abe Lincoln again this year. And Little man is working on his ABC's so I spy book will be perfect for him.

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