Sunday, October 2, 2011

I found this recipe here.
You Will Need:
Clean Wide Mouth Pint Jars and Rings
New Lids
and Your Favorite Recipe!
(Avoid cakes with chunks like zuchinni or carrots.)
Use Crisco to grease the insides of the jars.
Use 1 cup of cake mix per jar.
Make sure jar rims and super clean so that the jars
will seal correctly.
Bake cakes in jars that have been placed
on a cookie sheet. (Bake WITHOUT Lids!)
Place lids on jars until immediately after baking.
Jars will be hot so make sure you use hot pads.
Lids should be placed in simmering water while cakes are
in the oven so they will be ready for the jars
when the cakes have finished baking.
Tighten lids with rings and listen for the ping.
A sealed jar lid will not move up and down after it has
been sealed correctly.  A sealed lid will be concave.
Let sit 12 to 24 hours and test the seal again.
Any unsealed jars should be put into the fridge,
and eaten within a few days.
(I'm sure it won't last longer than 1 hour!)
To eat cake . . . just use a knife to loosen the edges
and then the cake will slide right out.

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