Friday, October 21, 2011

Adoption-parenting class

MSU Department of Social Work is offering a parenting class. Three years after adopting 3 special kids the state is finally offering me a class on the resources available to them. And paying me $50.00 to I wouldn't go for free, or even pay them $50.00 to find out how to get more help for the kids! It is two days Friday night at 5:30pm and again on Sat starting at 8am till 5pm---by the time they sent the form to me half the places had already taken place and Saginaw, Michigan was the only one near me left. They waited till the week before to confirm so I had to take vacation months ago and wait to see if there even was a class and where the location was going to be in Saginaw. I have had a sitter lined up for months too on standby in case they cancelled. Then this week someone traded me days off so I don't even have to waste a vacation day. (Any vacation day not spent with my family is a total waste!) These programs all assume the parents don't work. It is very frustrating. I wouldn't have needed to use the time off if they had told me in the first flier it would start at 5:30pm. Now I find out the Mom to Mom sale is tommorro at 9-1pm and I am going to miss all the sales!Just because I don't want to miss the resource class out of the three classes! [I don't care about the stipend.] So I will miss all the baby clothes at the sale! It's a bummer! I just hope the class isn't a disappointment after all this trouble to go to it. The kids do need some resources but I am scared to ask for them after what happened the last time I asked for help for them from the state. Tippy-toe has real problems using stairs..he's seven! Little-man has speech problems we are working on daily, Pitty-pat could still use some help with the RAD although I believe we have come a long way! And everyone should have access to the programs when we adopt not three years later. I'll let you know how the class goes.

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