Saturday, September 4, 2010

Third grade curriculum

This is a work in progress but so far I have planned for this year (2010-11) to work with Pitty-pat on mostly third grade. We tryed to get her into church school but she wasnt excepted but they are going to let her do field trips and some half days at school to see if she could go next year.

"Little House in the Big Woods" unit study-plus activities to go along with events in the book. I have been doing the activities before we get to the story in the book so the kids will understand better what they are reading. Some days she can read really well and others she struggles over the same word over and over again, these are all sight words she already loves to show up tippy-toe and shout out before he can work on them but struggles when they are in a sentance. So Aaron is making them do silly sight word sentences on magnetic fridge words I made.

History--It will be of course the pioneers and westward expansion as we did pilgrims last fall with both. I am working on a time line to put it in perspective visually for them

Science--- We are working on the Science wonders Brownie Try-its right now as I am making Pitty-pat a julliet brownie scout. She doesn't know that fun Brownie activity is really school---sneaky mom! I also found a microscope so we will do some things with microscope study. Our nature study will continue year round as we have really enjoyed those activities with all the kids.

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