Sunday, September 26, 2010

Johny Appleseed Day

Today we had apples for lunch and put Johny Appleseed on our time line. Pitty-pat did a worksheet from Today September 26th is his birthday. We did the map activity to go along with the worksheet. The kids got to use an apple cutter for the first time. The picture is Pitty-pat trying to cut an apple. Sorry it is so blurry i used my phone for a quick picture.
Pitty-pat is also reviewing place value and did a thousands place worksheet for her math today.A+ to Trent who worked with her on counting by tens Friday night.he got the white board out and taught her so very patiently. Patience is hard when Pitty-pat plays dumb and mute and Trent is dyslexic. His difficulties in school make him very patient with her. Not many 19 year old stepbrothers would spent time on a Friday night to teach their 7 year old stepsister math.Thank You Trent.

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