Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Grade Curriculum

Tippy-toe will be doing a combined K-1st Grade since he is kind of in between these two grades this year. (although we home school year round september marks the new school year for us too)

Included in his plan for this year is:

The Five senses unit study---this includes a 5 senses minit lap book,scented playdough play,scent jars I made in the montessori style,mystery touch bag,bells sound activity, reading "My Five Senses" by aliki, verse this unit is Psalms 139:14 "I will praise you beacuse I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
He is excited to learn to read so we are continuing to use phonics games and starfall phonics online. He spends time each day "reading" picture books and magazines like "ranger rick" and "birds and blooms".
As always, we will continue our nature study with the bird feeder identification station in one window. I have added two new "used" books--A Guide to field identification Birds of North America by Golden Press and "World of Birds' by Fisher and Petersen. "Birds and Blooms" has neat little cards in the back of most issues which we cut out and save for a quiz game of name that bird. Fall is the perfect time to continue our walks in the woods. Last year we did a unit on woodpeckers (Tippy-toe's favorite bird). This year we will do owls as this goes along with our third grade "Little House in the big Woods" unit-We can do this with both of them.
Tippy-Toe is building his own robot out of salvaged pieces of metal. So far he has an old waffle maker for a head. Long bolts for "bones" and other nuts and bolts we found at a garage sale or two this summer. I have put the word out loooking for robot parts we will see what we find this will cover many months I am sure.

I have a dinosaurs rocks and minerals unit almost ready. I have been collecting rocks and fossils for a display in the science cabinet to go along with this unit.

August was sea shells for the display in the science cabinet. I found a large conch shell and tippy-toe and pitty-pat have some shells we set out. I left out "Discovering Seashells" by Douglas Florian, "A Shell for Seahorse" a picture book and "The Snail's Spell" by Joanne Rider as the reading time books.

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