Monday, September 27, 2010

The Story About Ping-Day 1

All 3 of the little ones listened to the book today. They were quite excited to find the sink or float experiment set up on the table without the water at breakfast this morning. I told them we would add the water after Daddy got back home today. He went out to help at his parents. Today for lunch we ate my version of chinese minus the duck-ha ha! I served white rice cooked in chicken broth with parsley. I then made some mixed vegetables in the microwave and let the kids scoop out what they would eat over the rice in their bowls. Surprising since last year they didn't eat vegetables! Little man got his everywhere in the dining room including his pockets.I don't know how the chinese do it-- feeding rice to two year olds sometimes three times a day. To go alond with the story we colored a chinese flag (Geography)and counted the ducks in the story on our 100s board(Math). Pitty-pat did well counting this way but Tippy-toe was stuck on how to make an x right.

Tammy's Chinese Lunch Recipe
Boil 6 cups water in large pan with tight cover. When water boils add 2 chicken bouillon cubes, 3 Tblsp Parsley, and 2 cups rice. Boil 5 minuets then turn heat to low or off and let set until rice is done about 10-15 minuets.
While rice is cooking put broccoli, greenbeans, corn, carrots, and potaotes from can or frozen into microwave and cook 5-10 minuets until hot.
Let the kids serve themselves so they can't complain about which veggies are in their bowl.

We did a pushpin activity for the first time today. I gave Pitty-pat and Tippy-toe each a cork board mat and an apple picture and the pin. Pitty-pat was able to complete it but Tippy-toe got frustrated and didn't finish. He really needs to work on fine motor skills. He is still a little delayed in this area. They have both came a long way since they came to live with us three years ago. I love the montessori activites for motor skills. I just stumbled on pushpin activities or maybe just ignored them since a year ago I wouldn't have given either of them a sharp object!

After lunch they each picked out a book to read to themselves. Kung-fu Panda for Pitty-pat she recognized the china theme thing and batman for Tippy-toe. Not a bad day at the homeschool today. Tonight we go over to my daughter Aimee's house for cake and icecream since tommorro is her Birthday. I have to work tommorro so tonight works much  better for us to go so far away.

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