Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am working up a "them bones" unit study

On my fridgerator side right now is a window cling skeleton with the major bones about three foot tall. I bought him at Dollar Daze for a $1.00  he will be perfect with a set of sticky notes to label each of the major bones in the body. Tippy-toe loved helping me put his together in order on the fridge. It is a natural progression from our 5 senses lapbook to studying the bones. and Tippy-toe is obcessed with anything pirate and scary right now. We did a pirate lapbook last year that turned out amazing! He also found a deer skeleton while playing with his cousin from California this summer.  I found some skeleton 3 part montessori cards online yesterday (various animal skeletons) and a small plastic human skeleton at the dollar store. I will put links and photos up soon as the unit study developes out.

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