Sunday, September 12, 2010

benchmark tasks

Tippy-toe learned to tie his shoes himself today in one easy lesson from Aaron. It was amazing to watch them together. It took all of ten minuets. I was amazed. I remember my dad sitting patiently with my three oldest teaching them to tie over and over again. He had so much patience for children. Aaron is so good with the kids. Today he has taken cam to sight in her gun and shoot her bow. Tippy-toe got to tag along. He called and he got to shoot too and he has acorns in is pocket to grow a tree someday.

Little-man has a bench mark of his own. I have a long weekend so he is sitting on his potty chair. I haven't had any luck catching him tinkle yet. But he is telling us he is wet, so he is ready.

More bread experiments today. Sourdough in the bread machine. I'll let you know how it turns out later. Pitty-pat is amazed by the living yeast. We will be growing our starter like the pioneers for a while so they can watch it. I like this edible science.

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