Sunday, December 18, 2011

What my christmas tree means to me

I just got home from work and am sitting in the dark looking at my decorated tree. I lost some of my children and mine handmade ornaments a few years ago and I cried. So a friend gave me little beaded grandmas ornaments, her other Christmas ornaments, and garland so those remind me of friendships gone. This year the little kids and I have made several ornaments and they are so precious to me. The first year Aaron and I spent together he made ornaments with us and they are all on the tree I smile at each one. The kids each have ornaments with their names from the Grandparents and they are on the tree. The red bows are from Jessica's spruce tree that she planted when she was two. We would decorate that little tree every year outside at my mom and dad's house. The tree is taller than the house now. Both my parents are gone but the bows remind me of them. The little bells are from when the cat would try to climb the tree and look like the one in polar express that came out long after the bells made it on our tree. The angel was a gift from Camryn's grandma Nola when she moved to Florida and remind us of her at Christmas. The glass pine cones and Blue bulbs were bought to celebrate out first Chrismas in our new home in 2006. Candy canes never seem to stay on the tree long but I see a couple hiding in the branches. The little red satin bulb is the last one the cat didn't shread from the year camryn was one and we couldn't have any glass on our tree. The small colored glass bulbs are from my trees growing up. There are several gift tags and christmas cards that have tranformed into ornaments with dates on the back. I love my christmas tree memories.

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