Saturday, May 28, 2011

Copper Culture County Park

Ocanto takes it's name from an early Indian settlement bearing the name "Oak-a-toe".  The first inhabitants are called the copper culture people. The  oldest metal smelting site in North America is in Ocanto, WI. It dates to somewhere around 5600 to 5500 BC. The French claimed the region in 1671, the English in 1760 and the United States after the Revolutionary War in 1783. The Territory of Wisconsin was established in 1836 and it became a state in 1848. We also saw a bee tree like pa found in our Little House in the Big Woods book Pitty-pat has been trying to read. The book is also set in Wisconsin. So we tied that in to our trip as well. Not a bad field trip but because we were there on Saturday of  Memorial Weekend the Museum wasn't open. It didn't open until Monday despite being advertised as being open in the flier. There really wasn't anything to see other than what we took pictures of above but it was free and it did have a nice walk down to the river.

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