Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boys should play with dolls too!

Well much to Aarons dismay I have bought both the boys baby dolls. After all they are going to learn to be good daddy's just like him. And he stays home and is a daddy who changes diapers and cares for our baby LittleMan.
I have set up a baby care station in the play room for this weeks imagination play. Tippy-toe has some gender identity issues we have been working through due to his RAD (reactive attachment disorder). Aaron was not excited about the baby doll thing so he got them some trucks at the garage sales we went to this weekend. But the kids have really been enjoying the baby care nursery.

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  1. My youngest son also loved to play with dolls with his sister, and now could care less about them. I think it is more an age thing than a gender one. You and your hubby sound like good role models, and that is the main thing :)