Friday, May 6, 2011

Build a Play Kitchen from ready made components

 After seeing several play kitchens made from old entertainment centers I got a bug to build one myself. The kids are very hard on plastic toys and a nice wooden one should be able to withstand three active kids playing together. I found a board that looked like butcher block at Menard's  It is edge glued pine 1" x 16" x 48" for $9.00. Aaron found two closet components to use for the ends like the one shown here at Family Fun. They were $7.00 each. I bought a stainless steel bowl at Walmart for $9.00 to use for the sink. I found some sunflower material in the discount bin at walmart that is perfect for curtains for $3.00. I am looking around the house and at garage sales for the accessories but so far no luck. I need a pine shelf, towel bar, and some s-hooks. Total to date $28.00. I have seen similar ones on sale for $140.00on line during my searches. The colors are green and yellow with a knotty pine butcher block and white counters so the kitchen isn't going to be too girly-girl for the boys. After all, I hate having the kids in the kitchen when I am doing my serious cooking. Now they will have their own to play in safely.

Her are some of my favorites like this one from bug bites.  
I also like this one here too.

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