Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have a confession to make...I am addicted to my local farmer's market. This recipe makes it easy to can a small batch of whatever sweet summer goodness I can find at the market. I love the bright red cherries and peaches on my shelves right now.  The kids learn life skills and measuring is math. They use the safety knives I bought from pampered chef and the pumpkin carving ones we picked up on sale after halloween last year that are identical to the pampered chef ones. I find they eat better when they help prepare the fruits.

Canning in Small batches Fruit

 This is close to the recipe I used for the canned cherries. I couldn't resist posting it.The easiest way to can fruit. I use my spaghetti pot for my boiling water bath.
Fresh fruit of your choice, peeled, pitted or cored   
3/4 cup sugar
boiling water
Pack jar half full of fruit. Pour sugar over top. Pack with more fruit leaving 1 inch headroom. Fill with boiling water to within 1/2 inch of top. Place sterilized metal lid on top and screw metal band on securely. Turn jar over a few times to start sugar dissolving. Process in boiling water bath 20 minutes. Five quart jars fit in my pot at one time.
To make pints....use 6 tbsp. of sugar. (this is the part I didn't want to loose)

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