Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer bucket list

We went canoeing on the little Au Sable river today.  It was so much FUN! Everyone had a good time.  It was my sister Carolyn, Myself and the 5 kids- Taylor, Cam, Pitty-pat, Tippy-toe and Little-man. A dragon fly landed on Little-man, he watched it and then shook it off. It was crowded on the river but the people were actually really nice. To be honest I have only been twice before, twenty five years and eight years ago. Well we can cross that off the summer bucket list. It will make next years list and the kids all want to go again this year. It only cost $30.00 for the canoe, we took our own life jackets, a picnic lunch, $20.00 at McDonld's for cold drinks and supper,and $23.00 in gas. Not a bad day trip and It would have been cheaper if I didn't crave that cold drink from McDonald's. Plus no pics because I didn't stop to by a disposable camera.

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