Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Questions people ask us about homeschooling

These are some of the silly questions people have asked us about how homeschooling works for us.

"Do the kids get new school clothes?"
Yes, each of the kids got 5 new outfits, a new good/dress outfit, and new shoes. Everyone got to pick out their own outfits. (Mom and Dad did get vetoes.)

" Do the kids homeschool all year around or do they have summer vacation?"
We homeschool all year but we do take breaks when Camryn is off but sometimes we do school then too it just depends on how we feel.Our routine stays pretty much the same.

"What grade are the kids in?"
We don't have the same grades we teach to the level they are learning. But they are close to what they would be in public school. In some ways each is ahead and in some ways not quite up to level so we try to teach to the level they are and help them completely get the concept before moving on to something else.

"Do they take tests?"
Yes and they will take the meap or another standardized test in the future.

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