Friday, August 5, 2011


Tippy-toe read three more BOB books today. Then while little-man took his nap, Tippy-toe, Pitty-pat and I did the "Smithsonian rock and gem dig" activity I paid $9.99 for at Meijer. DO NOT BUY IT! It is a rip-off! The 11 rock and gems are not even the size of my pinky fingernail! The tiny magnifying glass that comes with it can't even pick them up. I was really disappointed. The stones were way too small to identify and nothing I would add to our collection! Don't waste your time or money on them. The only good thing is they did sweep the floor for me afterwards because of the sandy mess.The poster inside wasn't even anything we could use either. I must say Tippy-toe did enjoy digging them out.

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