Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rock collection

Well summer seems to be all about studying the sciences for us. I spent $16.00 on our rock collection to day at the Trufant Flea Market. I has provided three hours of entertainment and learning tonight for us. I bought a polished petosky stone $1.00, Fluorite crystals $3.00, Gypsum-Selenite Sand Rose $1.00, Orthocerus fossil $3.00, Michigan Copper slice $5.00 and two bags of polished stones. They counted the polished stones, looked at them under a magnifying glass, sorted by color and finally I printed a classification sheet so they could identify them by name. I love rocks. My kids all pick up rocks for me. My older daughters have even brought me back  souvenir rocks on  their travels. Just find one anywhere and bring home to mom and she's happy for days. I pick up rocks wherever we travel and bring them home to my yard. I rarely buy them but this was well worth it. I keep my best specimens labeled in plastic tackle boxes. Aaron bought me a key chain that is an engraved rock.
Here are some learning websites I have found useful for my ongoing rock unit study.
  1.  saltthesandbox  has a nice identifying pages

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