Sunday, July 3, 2011

lessons in the mud

We went swimming at the gravel pits. Jon, Lizzi, Xander, and Kinder build a dam--Emily tried to stomp it open. Lots of lessons were learned. Jon learned not to use his angry voice and ask nice. Emily learned not to destroy what others are building and work along. Kinder learned not to hit ask nice and say you are sorry. The Physics of damn building is completely understood and simple at age 9,8,5,4,2 and 2. I enjoyed watching them work it out. So many buckets of rocks, sand and water not to mention all the many scoops out of sand went into the little damn. Everyone just dropped hard to sleep when they got home. Fresh air does a body good all around.
I gathered another handfull of fossils for our rock collection while we were there.

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