Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We are starting our Veggie Garden Indoors right now. Call it Science and life skills rolled into one.

 How to get seeds for free:
1. Check your spice rack — Many cases you can plant seeds from your spice rack. Some ideas, mustard seed, dill seed, coriander, poppy seed, celery seed. If your spice rack is lacking you can pay a few cents buy a teaspoon of organic spices in bulk. My local Amish grocery store has a section of these.
2. Save seeds and starts from your produce- green peppers, tomatoes, green onion roots, celery bottoms etc.... can all be regrown or started from seeds. 
3. Get free vegetable seeds from the US Government: Have a little experiment or study you want to conduct and report the results on your blog?  Check out the National Plant Germplasm System from the US Department of Agriculture.  Within a database of over 10,000 species of plants you are sure to find some vegetables for your experiments.  Even shipping is included though can be time consuming to find what you are looking for.
4. Buy a bag of soup bean mix-mine had northern beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans 9not sure these will sprout)2 kinds of lima beans, cranberry beans, yellow eye beans, small white beans,navy beans, black beans, kidney beans, white kidney beans, pink beans, and small red beans. It also has splint lentils that will not grow and will need to be picked out. I plan to sort by type and plant a pot of each type.

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