Monday, September 10, 2012

I need to track how much we use in home canned goods so I will be updating this list and adding past totals as I find my diary. Each year is defined by the different Jam I make for the year. The year Taylor was born 1994 was Tipsy Peaches. When Camryn was a baby we made "baby sauce", the kids wouldn't eat pears so we made pear sauce and called it baby sauce. They loved it! One year I made an uncountable amount of Elderberry Jelly at the request of my Aunt Harriet Ross, she died this year(2012) at age 90.  I attribute some of her long life to the health benefits of elderberries. This year I couldn't find a single elderberry bush to make one tiny jar in her honor.

Canning Totals
2012-Choke Cherry
38 qts-9 pts Stewed Tomatoes
 3 qts-4pts  Tomato Sauce
11 8oz jars Tomato Jam(not a fan of this)
   qts- pts Dill Pikles
   qts- pts Sweet Pickles
1 qt Grape Juice
2 qts Choke Cherry Juice
7 8oz jars Choke Cherry Jelly
          Apple Pie Filling
1 pt- 5 8oz jars Pear Sauce
6 qts Peach Slices
4 qts Sweet Cherries
3 pts- 3 8oz- 10 1/4pt Sweet Relish
10 qts Chicken Soup Stock
7 pts Turkey stock with Carrots
1 pt steak strips(left overs)
1 pt chicken breast(left overs)
  pts Beans
7 qts Potatoes, Cubed (This was so good need to double this next year)
4 qts Pickled Peppers
27 pts Carrots(Deer Carrots)
1 qt 1 pt Plums in honey
21 qts venison

 2011-Apple Pie filling
apple sauce
apple pie filling
applebutter-big hit didn't make nearly enough!
chicken stock
pickled peppers


2000-Salsa-- This was the year I was given 6 bushels of mixed peppers and didn't waste a single one.
1999-"Baby Sauce"really pear sauce/puree but don't tell! 
????-Elderberry Jelly-- I cant even remember exactly how many pints but it was about 152.
1994-Tipsy Peaches Wish I still had the recipe. It was a better homes and gardens magazine recipe.

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