Saturday, September 22, 2012

why don't I see you homeschool?

Why don't you see us homeschhool?  Because it is not a spectator's sport. No audience is necessary and in fact it just isn't worth the behavior problems caused by having someone here when we homeschool. How are we homeschooling? We unschool. I tried everything else with them and nothing worked. NOT FIAR, not Montessori(it can only go so far), not workbooks, not classical, not a Charlotte Mason approach, nothing. For us it has to be child led learning. Lizzi  fought me like a tiger, there were tears on both sides about reading. Nothing worked. You cannot stuff knowledge into a kid's head, you cannot beat knowledge into them (no I did not even try), you cannot yell and scream knowledge into them(Although I felt like it no I did not try this either). You cannot cry knowledge into them ( I did try this and it  doesn't work). You cannot doom and gloom it into them (yes, I did resort to sounding like my mother). THEY have got to want it AND they have got to have the switches turned on in the brain to understand what you're trying to teach them.. When they want it, NEED it AND their brains are physically ready, then and only then will they learn it and not a second before then.   Location can not change this one simple fact of biology and psychology. I'm dealing with a variety of learning problems.  I have had to learn the hard way about wanting to do something and having to be physically ready to do it. This is with kids who are very smart.Sometimes too smart. But have ODD and RAD. I am so tired of people asking when I am going to GIVE up and put them back in REAL school. I am NOT going to give up on these kids, my kids. So all of you need to accept that as their parent I AM the ONLY one who knows what is best and I am doing my best-- to do the best to meet these kids REAL needs-- not the ones you imagine-- or you think are the priority. What good is fighting over reading until the the underlying issues are improved and the barriers to learning are down ?Kind of like Jon's vocabulary- bring a dictionary-not bad for a kid who didn't talk four years ago.Yes they say they don't read they are learning but slowly but they do both read. It get's them more attention from you and causes more contention to say they don't. Did you miss the part about RAD? If you don't know how this goes together go read about it. That is REACTIVE ATTACHMENT DISORDER. I will not get into an argument with anyone over this. It is a waste of my time and the time of any person who wants to change my mind. I am just going to printout  this statement and hand it to the next person who asks me about REAL SCHOOL. And how the kids are doing with homeschooling. It's like talking physics with Sheldon of big bang theory. You don't understand and you never will so stop bringing it up. I will not be moved. Taring me down is your only way isn't it? Well  I will stand firm and take it only so long. And going around me won't work either I am like the great wall of china. I can defend my position. I am resolute. I am also right.

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