Sunday, May 13, 2012

We went camping this weekend. We got the camper all set up and our little campsite all in order. We have friends that camp with us and it is so much fun for the kids to play together.  Aaron built a firepit with a ring and sand then I put rocks all around. He also made a burn barrel. (Nobody wants to make smores over a dirty diaper burning.) Aaron and Cam also hauled enough sand for the kids to have a sandbos where we can see them play. Since someone dumped trash in the kids old sand pit. (We don't own the propery where we camp we just have the lease of it if we keep it up and a friend of the neighbor mistook the property line and dumped there now we have a big mess to clean up)(P.S..He has 45 days till I load it up and dump it in his kids sand box or front yard!) I had so much fun camping.Our camper is 30 foot with 4 bunk beds a dinette that fold into a bed and another bunk above that so I guess you could say it sleeps 7. We paid $300 dollars for it. And have spent $500 to remodel it. I put in new screen in the door today. It is so cute and everything works now. Aaron is so handy. the kids spent most of the day in the woods making teepees. I remember doing that as a child myself. The best way to learn about nature is to live it. I saw six different butterfly species,a cat bird, an unusual duck, geese, a morning dove, a mouse, a garter snake, wild strawberries, raspberry plants, white pines, birches. This kids brought me interesting rocks to add to our collection. No amount of book work equals all they learn camping. Science is in the exploration of our natural world. summer is when we do alot more science but Math is also going to be an empahsis this summer.

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