Sunday, May 20, 2012


We went camping this weekend Pitty-Pat used the time to read a bird book and idendify the odd looking duck she saw. She also worked on multiplication tables. I think she finally gets it. Well maybe. We explored the pine river and found 2 clams, 5 minnows, 1frog, and nothing else. Scary!  I remember playing in  the creek by my house and it was full of life. Where were the dragon flies, crayfish,snails, mayflies, water skaters, and all the creepy crawlies? It was almost dead really. We walked in the river for 1/2 mile and no life! It is so sad really. Tippy-toe had fun making log teepees in the woods and riding his bike. He did manage to find time to review subtraction. I bought placemats with dry erase crayons and everyone enjoyed working on school work while I made lunch. the kids got sunburnt yesterday they didn't get out of the sun while Little-man and I tried to take a power nap. They were told but didn't listen. Little-man got a new bike two wheeler with training wheels. He needs to practice. No televison or electronics means they all have to get along and play together. It was a good weekend.

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