Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zoo theme

Gearing up for our trip to the Zoo on the 24th of this month. I can't wait to show Little man a real Giraffe since he loves his plastic one so much.I am encouraged since it is a long car ride and  they did so well going to Wisconsin. We are doing Zoo coloring pages and naming all the animals. I printed out some zoo animal cards from  spell out loud. It's an easy week since Cam is almost out of public school. We will be making Monkey bread in a jar-see recipe as I posted it earlier this week. That is if the weather cooperates and cools off enough to use the oven.We have animal crackers with frosting for snacks. I have the plastic zoo animals out to match with  the cards. The letter of the week is Z.

I also made this neat water wall but we haven't tried it out yet. I found it on pinterest. It cost $20.00 to make but only because I couldn't get to any garage sales. $17.00 for the sheet of peg board which I cut down (and the other part goes into service in the garage.) The tubing  I salvaged from work it was unused and they were going to throw it out so I re-purposed it. The funnels were from the dollar store $2.00. I could've easily found these at a garage sale but couldn't wait. The water tub will be one of the many totes we have around the house.

I also made a bubble station so the kids can refill for themselves. I can't wait to take these activities camping this summer. It is so cheap to mix up our own bubble solution and we already have a ton of wands and cups.
I posted the bubble solution recipe already this week.
Here is the fairy garden I have been working on it is not done yet. I love the creeping thyme in the front. The grass house is an old birdhouse from the dollar store. I also bought polished stones from the dollar store for the river bed. The log table is from a tree branch we cut in the yard. The little pine tree cam up in my flower bed and needed transplanting anyway. The birthday candle was left over from one past. The moss covered rocks as from the dollar daze store and fake but they look pretty real.The bridge is a piece of bark from the yard.

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